Brand Storytelling : Every Founder has a story

‘Why’ is the first question I ask every client I consult. “Why did you begin this venture?”. I have never got an answer that says ‘profits’ or ‘to make money’. There is a deeper reason. I had one of my clients in the healthcare space who shared “Instead of being the Doctor who prescribes ‘correct medicine’, or who does ‘flawless surgery’, he chose to be … Continue reading Brand Storytelling : Every Founder has a story

Brand Storytelling for Nonprofits

It is a mistaken belief the Nonprofit storytelling is all about poverty porn or making people feel bad about the situation of the beneficiaries . You splash pictures of poverty to tell your story. This puts off people and they shut out to such communication. For example to feed people in Ukraine impacted by war you can put pictures of pain or you can tell … Continue reading Brand Storytelling for Nonprofits


It was this very question that got me to start Heroes of India YouTube channel. Global pandemic had been announced. The world was locked down. There was uncertainty, gloom. The storyteller in me wanted to change the narrative. With stories of hope , of real heroes. Those who did not walk away. Those who chose to make a real difference in our world. I wanted … Continue reading WHEN THERE IS GLOOM, CAN A STORY SPARK HOPE

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We get on any social media platform and we find it filled with Advertising. Everyone seems to be selling something. We are identified by various data points stored on us by the platform, maybe thousands , some even we may not be aware of. The trail we leave behind on the digital world is monitored. Algorithms try figure out what we are most likely to … Continue reading WHEN EVERYONE IS SELLING , TELL A STORY


Our story begins at Starbucks where two storytellers met over a cup of coffee. and the journey of storytelling began . We saw gloom in our world, and we started telling stories of good , of real Heroes, their life , their struggle, their impact , their message, because we believe stories of good need to be told . http://www.YouTube.Com/heroesofindia As storytellers, we tell stories … Continue reading STORIES MEAN BUSINESS