Brand Stories from the streets

Sugarcane is passed through the crusher only once ( for 35 seconds) ,Sugarcanes are washed with water and coir rope ,sugarcane crusher and vessels are made of steel ,the juice is untouched with hand through the entire process,they serve natural sugarcane juice . Since 1960. Sahu Shannalal Gupta is a sugarcane juice centre at Gateway of India ,my earliest memories are that of my father … Continue reading Brand Stories from the streets

Different ways to tell Your Brand Story

As humans we are wired for stories because they help us to make meaning in a seaming meaningless world. In the business world we think that we need to get serious, because after all it is serious business. So we stop telling stories. Sit through any presentation and you will know what I am talking about, you get bored to death with data . At … Continue reading Different ways to tell Your Brand Story

Brand Storytelling : Every Founder has a story

‘Why’ is the first question I ask every client I consult. “Why did you begin this venture?”. I have never got an answer that says ‘profits’ or ‘to make money’. There is a deeper reason. I had one of my clients in the healthcare space who shared “Instead of being the Doctor who prescribes ‘correct medicine’, or who does ‘flawless surgery’, he chose to be … Continue reading Brand Storytelling : Every Founder has a story

Brand Storytelling for Nonprofits

It is a mistaken belief the Nonprofit storytelling is all about poverty porn or making people feel bad about the situation of the beneficiaries . You splash pictures of poverty to tell your story. This puts off people and they shut out to such communication. For example to feed people in Ukraine impacted by war you can put pictures of pain or you can tell … Continue reading Brand Storytelling for Nonprofits

Making of a good Brand Story

When we think of stories we think of children and fairy tales with happy endings . But in the business world stories are serious business. They help you build your brand tribes and create an emotional hook for your customers. What makes a good brand story? What is the key difference between a fairy tale and a business story? It is authenticity . The business … Continue reading Making of a good Brand Story

Brand Storytelling: Who is your Tribe ?

I know of a animal shelter that cares for injured street dogs . Everyday it puts out a short one minute video story recorded on mobile phone on Instagram. Every video shared has a few thousand likes , it has over eighty five thousand followers. It gets all its funding requirements from this band of followers. Each of the followers is a animal lover and … Continue reading Brand Storytelling: Who is your Tribe ?