Brand Storytelling for Nonprofits

It is a mistaken belief the Nonprofit storytelling is all about poverty porn or making people feel bad about the situation of the beneficiaries . You splash pictures of poverty to tell your story. This puts off people and they shut out to such communication. For example to feed people in Ukraine impacted by war you can put pictures of pain or you can tell … Continue reading Brand Storytelling for Nonprofits


We have heard stories of how seeing the plight of a middle class Indian family struggling with children on a two wheeler moved Mr Ratan Tata to build a four wheeler that would be affordable and safe for every two wheeler owner. The story goes that the price would be around rupees one lakh , that is what we heard . That was cheaper than … Continue reading LESSONS FROM NANO FOR EVERY BUSINESS


Research has shown that majority of consumers will boycott a brand because its position on a social or political issue , and it is no longer ok for brands to sit on the side-lines when it comes to issues their customers care about. Brand safety and polarisation Brand safety has become a huge concern for advertisers in recent years, as social media has become a … Continue reading WHEN CONSUMERS BECOME ACTIVIST