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What is Rise and #SHINE?

The life of an entrepreneur is tough and lonely and there are many non-believers, when I began my journey as an entrepreneur at 54, many said why? why now? Many discouraged me, the fat paycheck suddenly stopped, the safety net of a large organization suddenly vanished, those I thought would helped stopped responding, perhaps they were busy , and it looked tough and lonely out there.

After having worked with large corporates heading marketing , business and sales I wanted to take my experience to a lot many more small businesses that had dreams and the hunger to grow but did not know how to.
It has been the most satisfying journey, I met some amazing people , helped many dreams to take wings.

I wished someone would be there to guide me on my journey sadly I had to make my own path.

Rise and #SHINE is a community for entrepreneurs and those who want to become entrepreneurs.

You make a difference in our world. You make IMPACT! Join me in the Journey , l will share all my secrets of over 30+ years to help you Rise and #SHINE.

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