I am Sanjay Mudnaney a Marketing Strategist , and a Storyteller and I love storytelling for brands , organisations , nonprofits and people.

This is my blog to share the journey from Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes to reversal and freedom with holistic wellness .

My journey of losing 18 kgs of weight and putting my type 2 diabetes in remission in 6 months has many isights , there have been ups and there have been bad days . I share my journey freely for the benefit of many .

I believe that lifestyle disease need lifestyle solutions . Pills are not the answer and only mask the symptoms , in the long run they create side effects and more complications.

I lost my mother to diabetes complications and my nephew to COVID and diabetes complications at 42 . I lost my sister to heart attack at the age 35 . No one told them about an alternative to good health .

So when I was faced with Obesity and Diabetes I did my research and found another way that dealt with the body as a whole . I call it the Holistic solution to health .

I don’t have all the answers but I am a constantly researching and applying what I learn to myself . I strongly believe graceful aging is a choice we all have and good health is the foundation.

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