Last year January I was hit by a challenge in life .

I was on a roll , record business revenues ,
out of the blue life threw a curve ball .

Life has a way of breaking your ego , when you think you are invincible.

Suddenly life froze ,
and it all seemed meaningless .

To add a key client ,
who I had helped scale from a small business ,
and I loved the space ,
withdrew ,

And I lost a few more as I was unable to focus .

My relationship with food went for a toss ,
I started eating to deal with stress ,
food was my crutch ,
maybe almost like a death wish ,
I knew I was damaging my body ,
but I almost wished it .

Soon the body mirrored the mind .

The weight on my mind got added to my body,
I put on over 10 kgs ,
in a short time ,
I started showing diabetes in my blood work with HbA1c of 6.5,
all my parameters were messed up .

In the deepest moments of grief ,
when the ground below your feet has been pulled away ,
there is nowhere to run or hide ,
you have to sit with your grief .

I found a coach who helped me sit with my grief ,
not run away from it .

As I accepted what is ,
I found peace with my trauma,
I slowly took charge of my life again.

I started on whole food plant based diet ,
slowly my body started healing ,
in 4 months I am down 15 kgs ,
weight off my mind ,
last week I did my blood work,
I no longer have diabetes, my HbA1c is down to 5.5 ,
all my blood work returned to normal.

I focused on business again,
started gaining new clients ,
business shifted .

It all began with the mind.

Modern science does not see the link
between the mind and the body ,
healing the body begins with healing the mind ,

A holistic way of life
is not just about diet ,
is not just about exercise,
it is all this and more ,
it is about accepting what is ,
it is about faith , spirituality , gratitude,
belief in a higher power.

What consumes you is far more powerful than what you consume.

I wanted to share what I had learned about healing my mind and body and so I created a community. ( link in comments)

We all are going to face stresses in our lives ,
we may lose what we have , a job a relationship, health , wealth …
we will want to run away from where we are , but there is no escape ,

From my experience I can share ,

When you hit the wall , first accept what is , sit with your grief , feel it and let go , go with the flow of life .

This too shall pass.

Turn to gratitude,

I am grateful to my business partner , my team , who has stayed with me , took care of the business .

Also the clients who held the faith in difficult moments .

A close friend who has always stood by me.


Always be there to give a helping hand to someone in need .

You never know when time turns.

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