I met a 92 year young gentleman at Starbucks. He takes a auto rickshaw to get to Starbucks and back to his home ,
he is frail , walks with a stick ,
but he always comes by himself ,
and orders his cup of coffee.

This time I got into a conversation with him ,
as a storyteller,
I love hearing stories.

Mr Keki a Parsi gentleman shared pearls of wisdom from his 92 years of life ,
his enthusiasm for life is infectious .

The first and most important principle he has lived by is – be honest , do honest work.

“I never chased money” he says .

“What is due to you will come to you” don’t fret about what does not , it is not meant for you .

He has never had hatred or said bad things about anyone, even for anyone who treated him badly .

His advice for long life , don’t carry your worries , he never did .

He has no regrets , none at all , he has traveled the world, he has lived an honest life.

And now I see him enjoying the small pleasures of life over a sip of coffee.

Thank you Mr Keki for having shared your story with me ,
you are an inspiration of how life must be fully lived in joy .

I walked out of Starbucks, with a smile on my face and joy in my heart .

Don’t carry your worries.

Happy Monday morning.

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