It’s taken me years to arrive at this conclusion – Deep Transitions comes from not changing self but accepting self .

I was always dissatisfied with myself as if I am some incomplete project . At times I would feel I am not living upto my potential.

There was a constant low level of not ok feeling looking at others .

It started at school, my closest friend was a topper in class , somehow it was easy for him and try as hard as I would, I was never close .

In the corporate world I had my role models , the leaders , they seemed to be so cool , unfazed by all the turbulence around.

I wanted to have those magical skills .

There were what looked like the successful bunch who had it all , the bigger car , the bigger home , luxury vacations .

Then there were rags to riches stories, those who started with nothing and despite of all odds made it big in life .

One look at LinkedIn or for that any social media platform tells you the same story, there are those who look to be cool , successful bunch who are achieving it all in life .

All this would cause an inner unrest , maybe I yet had a long way to go .

Somewhere I dropped looking at others and I dropped wanting to be like . It is not easy as it sounds .

What do you look at when you open any social media page ? Stories of success ?

You seek inspiration . But it is their life .

The day I got this is when my life truly shifted. I was no longer carrying any burden of wanting to be .

I am who I am , I have my unique gifts , and my unique flaws , I am a complete package.

I am in no race to get likes , to be liked .

The deepest transformation is accepting yourself , not wanting to change, not wanting prove anything to anybody.

Wanting to change only creates stress , wanting to be like is a burden we unnecessarily carry.

It is a burden to show up as someone you are not , it takes effort and I can tell you from experience it is not worth it .

What is our definition of success ? Fame ? Money in the bank ? Possessions ?

For me after running in circles I arrived at , being me , living a life that truly matters , to me .

Don’t copy , don’t be a copy , be an original and each one when we peel the layers is different. The problem is it bothers us , we fear being left out of the race .

What I figured out , life is no race , I am on a journey, my unique journey, with my unique challenges and a unique story.

I live MY story .

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