Life has a way of puncturing our ego , just when we think we are in control.

we feel we are significant,


Our lives are fragile, uncertain ,
and the truth is we are not in control.


We are insignificant in the scheme of things ,
our lives counted in years is not even a blip in the existence.

One moment here , next moment gone .

Everything we held significant,
our past , our future,
our worries, our things ,
our power , fame , designation. achievements,
our ego .
gone in a blip .

The world will go on ,
we are insignificant in the scheme of things .

Yet ,
While we are there

we cling to our stories,
our false sense of worth ,
carry imaginary burdens on our backs ,
we walk around as if we are invincible ,
with our puffed up egos ,
finally to be broken ,
finally to know the truth ,
we are not in control,
and that we and our stories are insignificant,
not even blips in the cosmic dance .

Ouch , truth hurts.

Yet truth can also free us ,
from our needless worries,
anxieties of the future,
when you know you are not in control of life ,
the only way is to let go ,
and flow with life ,
the only way to live is to drop this false sense of ego .

P.S – Somewhere out there in the universe is a small blue dot ,
what we call earth ,
it is not even visible,
but it’s the only place we know ,
on that tiny blue dot has existed the whole of humanity ,
their dreams , their stories, their history ,
on that small blue dot somewhere we are there , not even a tiny speck of dust ,
in an insignificant moment in time ,
which does not even exist.

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