Brand Stories from the streets

Sugarcane is passed through the crusher only once ( for 35 seconds) ,
Sugarcanes are washed with water and coir rope ,
sugarcane crusher and vessels are made of steel ,
the juice is untouched with hand through the entire process,
they serve natural sugarcane juice .

Since 1960.

Sahu Shannalal Gupta is a sugarcane juice centre at Gateway of India ,
my earliest memories are that of my father taking me to this stall ,
and I also remember their sugarcane juice glass was big ,
and it was the most delicious sugarcane juice .

I visited the stall recently,
it’s now enclosed in a shop ,
at the very same spot ,
I spoke to the second generation founder,
he asked my how was the taste ,
there was an obvious pride in quality and tradition.

It is only sugarcane juice ,
I have had this at many places ,
but the experience is different at the stall,
it has got something to do with memories of childhood,
but more than that it is about the touch to provide the best quality of juice ,
there is pride in service ,
this has not changed in over six decades of its existence.

There is a lot to learn about how a brand is built and sustained over the years from small businesses that operate from streets ,

No no college , no MBA , on the street training is what they have .

Pride in providing the top service to the customers and sustaining it , is the best marketing strategy is one such lesson I pick up from this juice centre .

What are the business lessons you have picked up from street vendors.

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