Making of a good Brand Story

When we think of stories we think of children and fairy tales with happy endings . But in the business world stories are serious business. They help you build your brand tribes and create an emotional hook for your customers.

What makes a good brand story?

What is the key difference between a fairy tale and a business story? It is authenticity . The business story needs to be real and believable by customers.

Next the story must inspire the brand tribe. Brand tribes look forward to inspiring stories that they connect with that connect with their ‘why’ . There needs to be heart in the story. A brand story connects the tribe and brings them together.

The brand story also needs to be unique, it has to be something different from the competition. A good brand story will stand out from the rest.

A brand story recounts

Let us look at some brand stories that meet this criteria.

1. Starbucks is more than just a cafe where you can have coffee, you will find stories around the history coffee at Starbucks.

Starbucks was to be a home in between home and office where you meet friends at leisure. There are so many stories around the barista making you feel at home anywhere at Starbucks globally?

2. Mastek is a midsized company where I headed communications , you will find many stories around the founders . All the four founders are first generation entrepreneurs, their journey from the dorms of IIM campus to the living room of one of the founders Ketan Mehta to building a global I nd Ian IT company is a story that inspires.

There are stories around the culture of the place which is captured in an anthem to which every Mastekeer stands up for that gives goosebumps to every past and existing employee.

3. TATA is a large Indian multinational conglomerate headquartered in Mumbai in India .

There are many stories around the brand , it’s founders each based on the strong values , ethical practices and community. It is a classic example of a consistent brand story that builds on the key theme of Trust.

Brand story at its core is consistent and passed down generations . You don’t change the brand story with time but it can evolve the story with time.

A good brand story builds an emotional connection between the brand and its tribe.

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