At 54 when I moved from corporate world after 34 years to start my entrepreneurial journey , I was warned.

Don’t do it ,
It’s risky,
the market is bad.

I too had my doubts,
30 + years of a steady paycheque ,
a few more years to go for retirement,
I was comfortable.

Comfort zone is the worst place to be in ,
you survive ,
but you don’t live ,
you breathe ,
but you are not alive.

I decided to get uncomfortable again,
I rocked my boat ,
it was not easy,
paycheque stopped,
It got lonely,
every mistake I would make now would hit me ,
I was the peon and the accountant and the website developer and the marketeer ,
and the pandemic hit within a few months !

3 years later when I look back it’s been the most amazing journey.

  1. I figured out I can dream again – All I do is , I dream , I create .

I have the freedom to dream again.

I created 3 different businesses.

Example – one day I dreamt I wanted to tell stories of good through films. ( I always wanted to )

But I had no experience, no team , no funds .

Yet in the deep pandemic made 7 short films and launched the Heroes of India YouTube channel.

Team happened,
funds came,
Lockdown , we did jugad.

If you don’t dream in your mind first you cannot make it real in the world.

  1. I don’t need a job – I was told after 50 I will find it difficult to find a job by a recruiter.

He warned me , sternly.

He said – don’t be foolish. You are over 50.

Now I don’t need a job.
I know how to create jobs.

The most satisfying feeling for me is when I make the monthly payments to teams and partners .

  1. I don’t care what others think – I truly do not do it for audience applause .

It does not matter.

I do it for me .

I realised I am not that important to anyone but I am important to me.

I like to write a book I do .
I want to write a blog I do.
I want to start a YouTube channel I do.
I want to make films I do.
I want to sing I do.
I have an idea I want to bring to the world I do.

I live for me.

Is it about money ? Yes and no.

Yes I need to invest in a team ,
I need to invest in my dreams,

but I don’t need a better car , I still drive a car that is over 10 years old, it does the job of taking me from point A to point B.

Is it about fame ?

Heck no , fame is temporary,
the day you die you are framed on the wall.

I do it because I want to live while I am alive.
I do it because I have gifts to share with the world.
I do it because I want to die empty.

Don’t find a Job . Find a reason to live .

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