How is the war in 2022 different from the one that began in 1939 ?

World War II began in Europe on September 1, 1939, when Germany invaded Poland. Great Britain and France responded by declaring war on Germany on September 3.

After Russian military buildups near Ukraine’s borders in 2021, Russia launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022.

In 1939 Hitler could carry on his autocracies on Jews while the war carried on and commit some of the worst human crimes away from the global spotlight.

Countries did not care and there was no global public opinion. There was no backlash , till the war reached the doorsteps of the countries.

In 2022 nations across the world have responded with harsh sanctions to hurt Russia and Putin.

One man Hitler began the World War II , one man Putin has begun the war in Ukraine that threatens to destabilise the world again.

Both wars were begun by leaders who had seen and wanted to avenge and correct the historical defeat and humiliation of their respective countries.

Both of them carried a distorted reality of being a victim.

How this war will unfold we do know as yet but one thing is different from World War II. We now live in a connected world.

1. Live stream : The war in Ukraine is being live streamed on the global stage . There are live cameras that are capturing the event moment to moment on YouTube and other social platforms . There is little to hide.

2. No space for Spin : People globally have now got a glimpse into what is happening without the propaganda machinery of the oppressor . There is no space for spin.

3. Real Hero emerges with direct communication: The president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has emerged as a wartime hero for people of the world by leading from the front .

He has smartly used the global media to build an opinion and pressure on the oppressor Putin . Whether this will work we do not know but it has certainly pushed him to a corner.

4. Swift reaction: unlike the earlier war this has got swift global reaction against Russia in a way that it hurts to carry on the war.

There is pressure on every leader and politician to take a stand and act because their citizens are watching.

There is pressure for business leaders to take a stand and act because their customers are watching.

5. Citizens as journalists: Many of the on ground reports have been captured by citizens on their mobile phones and shared on social media. War is no longer just covered by journalists, now ordinary citizens can report on war.

Will all the live coverage change the outcome of this war we do not know but one thing is for sure everything is on record and being streamed live . The space for spin has been taken away . Any side cannot hide what is happening .

History while being made is now getting recorded live. This may change the outcome of the war for good or bad remains to be seen. As when a tyrant is pushed to the corner his reaction may get worse.

We pray that the war ends soon and better sense prevails as war hurts ordinary citizens the most and no one gains.

One thought on “WAR IN 2022 IS DIFFERENT – IT IS SEEN LIVE

  1. It is incorrect to compare Putin to Hitler. It is the West that have leveraged Ukraine and pushed Russia into aggression. They knowingly dangled the proverbial carrot 🥕 in front of Ukraine by offering Ukraine membership into Nato and EU. That promise is undeliverable. Like East India company the motives of the colonial West cannot be trusted. Any country should not and will not allow the West to line up the western military machine on their doorsteps. We are seeing Western misinformation propaganda at its best. Putin has been isolated, condemned guilty without a trial and crucified. They are using new means of warfare without even firing a single bullet. Modern example of divide and rule. Remember India and Pakistan?


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