I announced in my 14th Jan blog post I will be taking a break in 2022 , it is almost one month , let me share how it’s been.

The agenda of my break was ‘Agenda-less Contribution’ . Give , Give , Give my gifts.

Don’t sell , don’t chase , go with the flow.

What comes , comes , what I don’t like , stop doing , let go.

Lot of my readers asked me to keep sharing how it goes , only a few were convinced I will stick , I too had my apprehensions .

Here is what happened.

1. Let go of fear ; When I get into states of anxiety again , the survival mode , I observe , and let go of Fear .

I remind myself, what is there to be afraid of , I have been taken care of till now , will be taken care of in the future.

A trust returns.

In the process I have been able to be more honest and speak my mind freely. Follow my heart.

The tussle continues, I observe when anxiety returns, let go and get back to the fearless state.

It’s slowly getting into auto pilot.

2. Business is flowing ; this is contradictory, I have not reached out but I have added new clients and some great ones .

I am not pitching or selling any longer I operate from let me see what can I give , how can I contribute without an agenda .

My expectation is not about getting the order but about genuine care and can I contribute my gifts.

And I am absolutely ok not getting the business, but it has come nevertheless.

I am ok with that too.

3. I have let go : One client who was with us wanted to pause . I just blessed and was happy to let go.

That client is now a friend for life.

And immediately another set of new clients stepped in , without any effort !

This was so amazing to observe, I had no stress in letting go and it created space for something new to emerge.

As if the universe was working on a plan.

4. Getting out of comfort zones : I had been pushing this for long , but somehow I got the energy to finish and my second book is ready to publish.

The 1% Club , is based on my experience of having worked with business and social sector leaders closely and coaching founders for over 30 years now.

My soon to be launched book

This again is flowing from agenda-less contribution .

As if the universe is guiding me to a plan.

I have begun building Story Culture a community of storytellers in business. Again the idea is contributing my gifts as a storyteller with as many as I can.

(You can join the community on http://www.storyculture.in )

A community of business storytelling

What is the biggest shift ?

I feel more free now than I ever did .

The burden of the past and the future has been dropped.

The stress of reaching somewhere is gone.

The stress of holding on is gone .

The anxiety of what will happen ‘if’ , is observed when it comes and let go.

I continue to party and have fun, cycle and enjoy life.

I take my Saturday party breaks

It’s just the first month of agenda less contribution. I can say that the big take away till now is as follows.

“Who cares , let’s have some fun !.

Sanjay Mudnaney

It’s a fun journey, going with the flow for now.

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