The social media is filled with content , millions of posts daily , how do I make my voice be heard ? Specially so if I am a nonprofit.

The challenges of a nonprofit / cause marketing.

1. No / Low marketing budgets : funders don’t fund for marketing. Hopefully this trend will change.

2. No / Voluntary teams: The teams at a nonprofit are focused on the cause , there are no skilled teams available internally. Volunteers help but they have their priorities. So there is no focus .

3. No consistency : The result of a missing dedicated staff is there is no consistency in putting out the message. And social media engagement is all about consistency.

4. Not a priority: It is easier to tap into a few large funders than build a social following. So why even attempt .

For years that I have worked with nonprofits I have propagated storytelling . Why ?

1. There is content : Nonprofits have stories everywhere, beneficiary , volunteers , founders , cause .

2. Stories touch the heart : The way to the purse strings is through the heart .

3. You need community : When things turned in the pandemic the large funders vanished leaving nonprofits in a lurch. Their causes which were now more important, suffered . You need the community support , that is a cushion you have in times good and bad.

After all it is a community issue , you need to build your tribe of committed followers.

4. YOU DONT NEED BIG INVESTMENT ! This is the most important message I want to share and I will do this through a case study of a individual that has built a huge following on Instagram for her cause .

Smriti Dua is a individual.

A story if a calf Smriti rescued today .

She posts stories daily on Instagram.

She shoots all the stories with a mobile phone.

Every story is less than a minute and simply visually told with a reel.

Every story is true .

Every story touches your heart .

Over time she has built her tribe for he cause. A tribe that believes in her cause . A tribe that supports her cause .

In times good and bad her tribe is behind her.

The question I have is if an individual can build a tribe of 109 k followers on Instagram. What stops any Nonprofit?

She has built a tribe of 109k followers .

What can be the excuse?

Don’t beg , INSPIRE your tribe to support your cause .

You don’t need big investments and fancy gadgets . You do not even need high skills . You need the will and consistency to tell stories.

Tell True stories and follow the 3 Cs

Consistency, consistency, consistency.

You will build your tribe.

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