In a different news shares of Facebook fell by 25% yesterday. This is the biggest single day rout for the company . The network has stopped growing. It has in fact shrunk in many markets.

The name change has not helped . There is saturation on the platform. Creators are getting out . Newer platforms are where they have moved, and the audience has moved.

Despite this news there is a trend of users spending more time on their mobile phones. Users have not moved from social , they have moved from Facebook.

But this too can change as there is backlash against digital platforms.

We consume an average of 5 hours screen time on our mobile phones daily , this is statistic’s from India and the US.

Have you seen a family at a dine out each one immersed in their smart phones.

Everyone has a mobile phone

My son plays the call of duty war games with his friends virtually for hours with his headphones on , screaming as if it were a real fight in a real world.

We are getting closer to avatars in the virtual space and yet distant from our close ones.

Now fast forward to the Metaverse and Imagine scaling Everest, swimming with hammerheads or skydiving over the Grand Canyon — without ever leaving your living room.

Rave party in the metaverse

In its fully realized form, the metaverse promises to offer true-to-life sights, sounds and even smells, where a tour of ancient Greece or a visit to a Seoul café can happen from your home.

You wouldn’t even have to be you. Members of the metaverse could prowl the Brazilian rainforest as a jaguar or take the court at Madison Square Garden as LeBron James. The only limits are your imagination.

Travel in metaverse

It all sounds very fascinating as we will exist as virtual avatars . Some investors are paying millions for plots of land — not in New York or Beverly Hills. In fact, the plots do not physically exist here on Earth.

The most expensive spots are near where lots of users congregate — for instance, someone recently paid $450,000 to be Snoop Dogg’s neighbor in a virtual world called the Sandbox.

Not so real estate in metaverse

When properties are bought and lived in the Metaverse what will be missed is the real world and real connections with real people.

We have travelled far.

As a child I remember a time when we had no mobile phones , no phones , mobile or fixed. I would be out playing with my friends . Running after butterflies in the garden.

On weekends I would be out with my father visiting the museum or chowpaty beach , building castles in the sand and feel the sea waves pull away the sand under my feet.

Feeling the sand building castles

There was no screen to look at , there was not even the television around but we looked at real faces of real people.

Now I am not saying that there should be no progress and that there is no use of social media. I connected back with my school buddies after over 30 years because of social media.

We also got divided in our school groups like never before because of social media. Each holding their truth as being the truth and content dividing friends.

Is it time to go back ?

Rather than taking a walk in a garden in the Metaverse it is time to remove our shoes and walk on real grass and feel the earth.

Walking on real earth

No walk in any metaverse can recreate the feeling of grass and earth on our feet.

Digital Detox

It is time for digital detox and experiencing life .

I do this by ;

1. Taking an inner walk with meditation. We are constantly experiencing the digital and outer worlds it is time to explore the inner worlds.

Exploring inner worlds

2. Earthing : I spend some time in nature daily, with my feet touching the earth . I believe this centres me and I immediately feel calm .

3. Reading : I spend time reading a book daily , it opens up worlds of possibilities.

4. Cycling: When I cycle I can only cycle and feel the wind on my face .

Cycling and experiencing wind in my face

5. Phone down outings : When I go out for dinner with friends and family I put my phone down on focus on conversations.

I am taking on a another challenge to de clutter my phone .

1. Delete Apps : Keep it to less than 10 apps on my phone . This is going to be a challenge. But it is worth it .

It is an important aspect of slowing down in life and focusing on what is truly important.

2. Digital Detox : I am going to fix time slots where I do a complete digital detox . There is a fear of missing out but I will get over that . Like I stopped television news long back , I never watch TV for news and hardly ever turn it on , if I do it is to watch a movie.

This has freed a lot of time for me.

I will spend more time in the real world just like I did when I was a child. In times of metaverse it is time to connect with real universe outside and within.

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