Sunday morning is a good time to get out and cycle in Powai . Life gets slow and the runners and cyclist’s are out early.

Today morning while cycling a fellow cyclist waved and smiled at me.

I smiled back , a silent exchange without words “I know you, you are a fellow cyclist, great to see you cycling.”

I have never seen a runner acknowledge a cyclist . Neither do I see a cyclist acknowledging a runner.

What is going on here. Two strangers bound by a common interest have a credo , they become part of a tribe.

The cyclist’s tribe

This extends beyond cycling.

Recently I was down with COVID and joined a COVID support group on Facebook.

There was such camaraderie, it felt good to be with fellow COVID members across the world 🙂

One felt reassured that there were others and we exchanged what we were going through. It felt good , almost like therapy.

This is the power of community.

No hierarchy, no leader , but a strong bonding around a common interest.

Like minded strangers becoming friends.


It is this power of tribes that leaders tap into , they influence the thinking , they become influencers.

The tribes are not created , they already exist. Leaders just tap into them.

There is a tribe for everything in the world.

Even within cycling there is a tribe of ‘Trek’ fans , then there is ‘Powai Pedals’.

There is a COVID support group and there is COVID long haulers group and there is COVID anxiety support group!

Community feels like therapy

There are even laughter clubs , people who come together to laugh !

Laughter club tribe

There is a long tail of tribes.

Social media has made it possible to build connections and find tribes.

Tribes have their stories and that is how a cult brand is built.

The Harley Davidson tribe is an a example.

Strangers coming together with a bike and a story around Harley Davidson.

The Harley Davidson tribe

They dress alike , the start looking the same they have similar beliefs , they even have tattoos of the tribe and they have a common credo.

A tribe stands for something and is against something.

The vegans vs the non vegans.

The right vs the left.

Those that vaccinate vs the anti vaxxers.

The Apple fans vs the non apple guys.

There are even spiritual tribes , they have their rituals , practices and beliefs.

Sangha is a Buddhist name for a tribe

Organisations that are strong employer brands become tribes.

School and college alumni groups are tribes bound by memories.

Strong organisations, brands , leaders , influencers understand how to build tribes with the power of story.

Tribes have stories , stories that are passed on that are shared and attract other members to the tribe.

We all are part of many tribes , because a tribes creates a sense of belonging. A sense of purpose and adds meaning to our lives.

Look back and check what are the tribes you belong to.

What do you stand for , and what you are against.

As I smile back at every cyclist I feel good to belong to a tribe that understands my journey, and the feeling of wind on my face.

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