In 2022 I will be taking a break.

I have never done this before in life since I started going to school !

Last week when my family and I was down with COVID , I got time to ask some hard questions, I heard an inner voice asking me to take a break.

So what is this break from?

Dropping the Agenda : I reflected , have been constantly running in life , it is like being on a treadmill that does not stop and yet takes you nowhere.

After all the running I find I am at the same spot . Yet I continue running hoping I will get somewhere.

In school I ran to get good grades.

In college I ran to belong.

In corporate world I ran to get promoted.

As an entrepreneur I am running to grow my business.

Happiness , Fulfilment , Success .. we have different reasons to keep running.

“If I get this I will be happy, if I reach there I will be happy , if this happens I will be happy.”

“And then I can relax .” Is what I have been telling myself through my life.

‘If’ is the word that gets attached before everything.

Yet when it all happens as per plan , I yet feel I need the next big thing.

The treadmill never stops.

So Now is the time.

Dropping all the If’s : I drop all the if’s and conditions to find my happiness.

Dropping the chase : I drop my chase and constant running to enjoy life in the moment.

Dropping the Agenda : Every call , every conversation, every moment I notice I unknowingly I carry my agenda .

Dropping surviving : Behind the agenda is the desire for survival . It seems like there is not enough in the world for me.

Dropping competing : From the school times it is fed into our minds that we compete with others and that we need to top the class.

In the corporate world this becomes a bell curve there are the As , then the Bs and then those that are not needed.

It’s ingrained in the subconscious mind .

I am good enough and I don’t need to look around is part of dropping my agenda.

I will drop MY AGENDA.


No chasing business .

No chasing clients.

No chasing the future.

No chasing more money in the bank.

No chasing dreams of others.


I have decided to hit ‘Pause’ button and …

I will get off the treadmill.

So does that mean I will do nothing?

No rather I will move away from living MY AGENDA.

The 2022 Agenda Less Contribution Challenge

I will be more Authentic. I will be me without driving an agenda.

I will let the work that I love come to me.

Spend time within nature

I will let go of work and clients that do not align with my heart joyfully. Blessing them in their journey.

Whatever is happening is good. I will trust the Cosmic design.

I will not chase nor will I sell.

I will ‘Contribute’ my gifts without an agenda .

I will live in abundant possibilities.

Every meeting and conversation I have with anyone will Never be about ME , but about how can I add VALUE.

It will never be about “what can I get.” It will be about “what can I give.”

The question I will ask with every client I work with is – “Am I adding significant VALUE”.

Any new business I build will be centred around creating Authentic, Honest Value.

I will not shortchange MY VALUE. If I don’t value myself no one else will.

I will Trust in the Flow of life.

Travel places

I will find more time for ME , going within.

I will find more time to be within nature.

I will spend more time in conversations with people and travel places.

I will find more time to serve with my gifts and also with my personal funds.

I will work for creating IMPACT not Survival.

I will ensure that these are not just clever words and I will be careful not to get pulled back into an agenda driven existence.

Contribution can also become an Agenda so I will watch out.

There is another area I need to work on which is more to do with spirituality and interlinked.

I would put in practice – Drop attachments. To self , to things, to expectations.

This is a bigger challenge. I noticed I am attached to ‘I’.

Dropping the ‘I’ is a significant challenge.

The question that comes is ,”Why take the Risk ?” and “What if it backfires.?”

When I was down with COVID , I have a comorbidity that puts me at high risk. I asked myself the question- what is Risk ?

And the answer I got was – Life itself is a Risk.

Contributing my gift is rather being joyful.

Adding Value adds happiness to me.

And when I joyfully give , whatever has to come back to me , joyfully will come back.

I will TRUST in living a life without an Agenda.

I trust a higher power will take care and surrender to the flow.

Does this sound crazy ? Maybe it is .

Let the experiment unfold .

One more item in action from my bucket list- taking a break.

I will share how it is going and challenges on the path .

This is going to be a thrilling new adventure.

You are welcome to join me in the 2022 Agenda Less contribution experiment .

Welcome 2022 !

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