So as the third wave of COVID surges in Mumbai, I am having a mild fever , will get tested tomorrow.

Things were getting better the world was opening up just last month I took my first vacation post COVID to Jodhpur.

At Hitchki last week

I started getting back to office like many did and then suddenly this third wave of pandemic hit us .

I yet do not know what this is but certainly things have changed again. There are various points of view one that says this is the free booster vaccine we need. No one really knows.

Last week I wrote about Slowing down , this week I am sharing what looks contradictory message but is not – Speed Up.

No one can predict the future, more so after the pandemic. One important message we get from the waves of COVID that hit us is life is unpredictable, it was always so but now the message gets clearer .

We all have a limited time on planet earth.

The messageI I take away is :

1. Don’t postpone life – whatever your dreams are live them NOW , while you can , don’t wait for a better day when everything will be ok .

2. Make your bucket list – I made one I will travel a lot more places so as soon as things got better I started visiting places , I worked from anywhere.

Walk in the forest

3. Do what you love – It is a waste of time to spend your days for things you do not love to do . I am very clear I pick up that work and clients and projects which I love , where my heart tells me to go .

4. Don’t play Safe – life is an adventure, so let it be so , walk the path less travelled , rock the boat , stand up , stand out. Be unabashedly You.

5. Spend time with people who matter – tell them you love them , hug them. And do things that matter to you .

6. Don’t cling to the past – let go of that which is over , that past is only a dream so is the future.

7. Have gratitude- As I lie on the bed resting. I say thank you for all that I have , a lovely family , a business partner I can count on , a wonderful team of partners and clients I work with , friends who care and I have resources to take care of myself.

In the desert last month

Tomorrow is another day , this moment is beautiful, Speed up don’t postpone your life .

Finally it will not matter what is the size of your bank balance or for that matter the size of your house or the designation you carry what truly matters is how you lived.

And maybe even that will not matter as after you the world will carry on without you . So don’t take life soooo seriously.

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