For the past seven years since I picked up cycling one of the things that I have enjoyed the most is witnessing the sights and sounds on my journey.

My cycle takes me places

I see the people , I see their faces , I see people walking their dogs , I see the shops open in the morning , I see the greenery around me , I see the sunrise, there is so much beauty that is missed otherwise when I drive in the same places in my car.

We are so used to rushing to places , the nature had to intervene to slow us down with the pandemic.

In the early days of pandemic we witnessed a complete shutdown, no traffic , no flights , no malls , no markets .

We could literally feel a pin drop silence as we stay shut , and in the silence we heard voices of nature , the birds.

But once things opened up we began our rush to places , to goals , to targets.

In our business of life the one thing we miss is life.

Slowing down is not stopping, a cycle moves , it takes me places , some of the most beautiful places I cannot go in my car.

The past three years I became an entrepreneur, paradoxically I have learnt to slow down .

Yet when I slowed down I created two profitable businesses, ran my consulting practice, made twelve short films , worked from different places , read many books , meditated started a blog and a YouTube channel.

I work from anywhere

And in the past two years I lost some close friends , relatives and my mentor. It showed me our lives are fragile.

The message I carry into 2022 is ‘Slowdown’ and witness life.

In the process lead a more meaningful life . To contribute my gifts to the world.

Sometimes do nothing and just watch , witness the chatter of the mind.

It is easy to get sucked into business and get on a treadmill of life , it seems exciting. But I have figured out the treadmill does not take you anywhere, after all the running you are at the same spot .

Forest trails

And the treadmill does not have a stop or pause button, you keep running, till one day you drop dead.

Three years back I took a call to get off the treadmill and live life and I can share it is a beautiful experience.

Slowing down is not giving up , I have not given up on my dreams , rather I am living all my dreams.

Slowing down is experiencing life fully , living fully in the moment , doing what you love , what truly matters and savouring the juice of life .

Happy slowing down for 2022.

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