The new year in 2019 was predictable, I was at a New Year’s Eve party to welcome 2020 , little aware of what was to unfold.

Before 2019 life was predictable. We could plan a vacation six months in advance .

Everyday morning we travelled to work, attend meetings, hang out with colleagues. And then travel back home. There was a predictable pattern.

2020 changed all that.

Who could predict that overnight entire workforce would work from home.

Who could predict that we would trust people to do their work without supervision.

Who would have predicted that so many lives would be lost so suddenly to pandemic.

Overnight every business that could moved online.

In 2022 the world will finally come to grips with an unpredictable future.

We felt once the vaccines came in things would get back to normal as it was before 2020 but we have the third wave of the pandemic hitting the world.

“We don’t know a lot of the things we wish we’d know, but what we do know and what is emerging here is that this country is going to be in the soup in just the next few weeks with so many cases and so many locations, that we’re going to see critical infrastructure as well as health care challenged,” said an official in the US as the hospital infrastructure once again gets overwhelmed.

The message for 2022 is ‘Live one day at a time’.

The most important question to ask in 2022 everyday morning will be , “How can I make an impact today.

You can plan for tomorrow and the next month and the next six months . But be ready for the plans to go for a toss any-day.

Plan your business and life around uncertainty not predictability .

Only the flexible and agile that accept the new unpredictability will survive .

For your business ask this question “How can I build predictable business in an unpredictable world ?”

As a marketer ask the question “How can we add the comfort of certainty to the uncertain world of our customers?”

All my clients adopted to the new world of unpredictable and I could see they not only survived but thrived in the uncertainty.

For individuals it boils down to the spiritual practice of ‘living in the moment”. And this is the best thing that could happen.

This moment as is now is the way it is ,it has already occurred. There is nothing you can do to change what has occurred.

The third wave is here now and nothing can be done about it . What will happen tomorrow no one knows , not the doctors, not the scientists , not even the astrologer. So no point thinking about the future of which no one knows.

This then is the new normal.

So live life fully in this moment , do what you love , spend time with those who matter the most , do the work that matters , live your dreams , read that book you want to , dance , sing , paint , meditate do not postpone it in the future.

I took a vacation a few weeks back and I am glad I did now again it gets difficult to travel with all the uncertainty.

We finally are getting the purpose of life. Is to ….

Live , to be alive in the moment.

For all those reading this blog , I pray that you are showered with the gift of living in the moment , living fully , living your dreams in 2022 and beyond.

Happy New Year.

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