After my cycling round in the mornings I go for my cup of coffee at Starbucks. I find a Starbucks wherever I travel. There is something about the place I love.

What are the few things every business can learn from Starbucks.

1. It’s not about coffee: Starbucks is more than just coffee, I feel at home. It is about love that I get from the baristas , they know me by name , they know my favourite coffee. It is not about Starbucks it is about me . I am the hero in the story of Starbucks.

How often do we make the brand or the organisation the hero of the story , customers are not interested in you , they are interested in themselves.

2. It’s not about coffee : Yes they don’t sell coffee, though they do , you never find anything that says what are the features and why their coffee is the best . Starbucks sells LOVE , a home between work and home where you are welcome to spend time with yourself of with friends.

Are you spending time selling product features and benefits or how you are better than competition ? Think . Customers don’t buy products or services they buy stories behind the products and services . Stories that create magic.

3. Tell a Story: When my name is written on the cup at Starbucks the story begins . Starbucks is a story I am part of the story about the place about the baristas and me .

Coffee is available at many places , much cheaper maybe even better but I come to Starbucks. There is a reason and that reason is a Story about home . In unfamiliar places I find familiarity, I find my family of baristas , a place where I am welcome .

Tell a story of your brand that connects with your tribe . That is how you build a brand that is lasting .

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