There will be us and downs in any business as in life . I have found a few spiritual practices that help me in my journey.

1. Equanimity : This is a practice where you stay centred no matter what is happening. When you are up don’t let it get to your head and when you are down stay neutral . It is like being an observer of events than getting pulled in them .

2. This too shall pass : Everything passes when faced with tough times having this attitude helps and yes it does pass.

3. Deepest Acceptance : Accept what is , struggle only drains you . Once you accept what is you start working on the situation at hand. In some traditions we hear the term Surrender to what is . It is not giving up but operating from a space of no struggle .

4. Faith : Faith helps , the journey of an entrepreneur is lonely having faith in something , anything that holds you in this journey of ups and downs is a good practice.

5. Focus : The practice of mindfulness of observing the mind helps me . The mind is always jumping around , you cannot stop that , but when you observe the mind jumping around it brings a perspective. We are constantly building stories in our minds of situations around us and this adds stress takes away focus from the moment .

Spirituality humbles you understand we are all connected you drop your ego of self and bring in compassion to all that is around .

The world needs more compassionate leaders and entrepreneurs that provide space for people and ideas to flower .

Being an entrepreneur is not just chasing profits it is chasing purpose , profits follow.

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