I started cycling when I turned 50. I always wanted to but I got busy with life.

One day I just decided and picked up a cycle . Family and friends all said “why now , it is not safe.”

I said “If not now , when?” as for safety I too had the fear of falling.

So what is the best way to deal with fear . Go through it . And yes I did fall but I picked myself up and got back on my cycle.

It has been 6 years now and I have sustained my love for cycling.

I don’t cycle to count the distance,
I don’t cycle because it takes me places ,

I cycle because it gives me ‘me time’ , it is like meditation.

If I would have listened to the voices that said “why now”, I would have missed all the fun of wind on my face while cycling.

After 50
I wrote and published my book , it’s available on Amazon ,
I recorded a song in a studio,
became an entrepreneur at 54,
made 12 short films on good and released them on YouTube during pandemic,
Slept near a waterfall under open sky,
I travel and work from places remotely,
I started my blog and YouTube channel,

I am starting a movement to support small business founders live their dreams and shine.

And I am writing my next book 🙂

And age has got nothing to do with living your dream.

You don’t stop living your dreams when you get old .
You get old when you stop living your dreams !

Let no one ever tell you it is too late to live your life .Live your life.

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