3 years back I walked out of my corporate job. For over 34 years I was used to a paycheque, I was 54.

I wanted to share my vast experience as CMO , marketer and brand storyteller with many companies not just one .

There is another term used freelance. But I don’t think it defines the role well. There is also a term consulting but that too does not define the role well. I bring in ownership not just advise and that is a big difference.

There are many small and mid-sized companies and nonprofits that cannot afford an experienced CMO but there is a need. I wanted to help many such small companies and nonprofits who had the hunger to grow.

I had my network of partners who I had cultivated over the years , I could trust them to support my clients as and when I needed . I could build a CMO organisation as needed with complete flexibility.

I also built an execution team SocailFlutur for clients who would need that so we bring in a complete CMO office.

After 3 years I can say the model works. I now question why one CMO for one company why not one CMO for many companies ?

And the same goes for other specialists, CFO , CTO , HR , Digital .

Here is my argument why I see the future of jobs as one individual working for multiple organisations and following their passion. I see the future of work as collaboration. Teams coming together for a task delivering and disbanding.

1. Remote working : Remote working is no longer just a pipe dream, the pandemic has proven that remote working works. Where the person sits does not matter as long they deliver to the needs of the business.

2. Multi industry experience : This is the biggest benefit I have figured out , by working for clients across industries and sectors it has widened my vision as a marketer. It is this experience across sectors that I leverage for all my clients .

If I was sitting in one company this experience would be restricted to one company / sector.

3. Outside in perspective : being on the outside I bring in an outside perspective which is critical . Most organisations think inside out by the virtue of sitting outside I bring an outside in perspective.

I make it a point to maintain a distance because getting too entrenched would colour my perspective. Yet I can be extended team there is a fine balance that I can maintain.

4. Cost savings : This is the most obvious saving as the cost gets divided across organisations.

5. Flexibility: The future is uncertain as we could see during the pandemic, having a flexible staffing approach helps organisations . Contracts can be always renegotiated .

It also gives the flexibility of checking the chemistry from both side on how it works. Tying up a senior position and then changing midway could impact business adversely.

From my side too this model works better.

1. Contribution: I can contribute to lot many organisations with my experience. And that feeling is good.

2. Learning : In the past 3 years I have learnt what would take me years if I was sitting in one organisation and I have had that experience.

Everyday is exciting as there is always something new to learn .

3. Flexibility: I get the flexibility of working remote and taking breaks . I get to choose my clients I want to work with.

I use the break time to contribute freely to a lot many more small business who have dreams to rise and shine .

So why have one CMO for one organisation? When you can outsource a CMO office.

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