A few years back I had an AD agency represent my startup , they did some brilliant creative work , but when it came to digital their understanding was zero.

This was an old school advertising agency that understood brand communication well but had not changed with the times.

As a Brand and Digital Strategist I have been working with Digital marketing companies , they are very good at what they do , but lack the understanding of brand communication.

I constantly see this gap , there has been a trend of advertising agencies opening up a digital marketing division or acquiring digital marketing companies.

The term used is Integrated.

I built the first true integrated marketing company with physical presence across over 120 markets in India for Adfactors.

This was in the times of no Internet , so we offered every other service right from roadshows to advertising to PR all integrated.

We serviced some of the leading brands with good success.

Integrated is a less understood speciality. I will take the analogy to that of a doctor.

Recently I sprained my neck and one night I had shooting pain in my hand and sweating . When I visited the hospital ER I was immediately routed to a cardiologist.

It turned out the issue was not related to the heart so I was then routed to a orthopaedic doctor.

In alternative treatments the body is seems as a whole and we have holistic doctors who treat the body, mind as one.

Integrated is not having Cardiologist and Orthopaedic doctor under one roof , that is a hospital all specialities are present in one hospital.

The current trend in marketing communication is much like the hospital while what is needed is a holistic thinkers.

As a brand and digital strategist that is what I do I think holistically. I try to bridge this gap.

We need more holistic thinking that combines brand and performance marketing not just under one roof but truly integrated thinking.

It is like connecting Art and Science of marketing to solve a problem.

Finally the problem needs to be solved .

Building a brand and aiming to build a brand are not divergent , both are needed.

What are your thoughts ?

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