How many dreams have died because of this one sentence “what will they say”. The fear grips from taking that step into the unknown.

We always look for validation, first from parents then from teachers , school mates goes on to bosses.

When we truly look at life we will be shocked that we don’t live OUR lives but we live the EXPECTATIONS of others.

Who defined success as a big bank balance ? a big car , a big home ? Who even put into our head the concept “make a difference” .

All the baggage we carry is heavy, very heavy . And why can we not just be who we are dropping all the baggage of being like what we are expected to be ?

You put out your art into the world, because that is who you are . Some like , some don’t and that is ok , they are just not your audience.

Chase your dreams not the expectations and validation of anyone. Be yourself. It’s that simple .


Sanjay Mudnaney

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