1000 Raving Fans

If you are a passionpreneur this is an alternative business model and it is simple.

You need a 1000 raving fans.

Not a millions but just 1000 raving fans.

To these thousand raving fans you will offer value that is disproportionate.

100 of them would offer 2500 $ or more for your service in a year.

900 would offer 250$ or more for you service in a year.

The numbers are indicative of a trend could be more or less.

You need not work to build a million fans.

This will offer you freedom to live life on your own terms and yet do what you love to do.

The basics are given.

1.You need to be passionate about what you do.

2.You need to have deep expertise in your subject.

3.You need to find your niche , don’t follow the crowd.

4.You need to add substantial value to your fans .

5. You need to believe in yourself.

6. Build your team , those that believe in you.

Above all enjoy the journey.

I know of many individuals who are on this path , I work with a few of them. So I know this works.

You could be a coach, healer, artist, wellness expert, fitness coach , yoga teacher, baker, chef , therapist , photographer , storyteller , anything that brings joy to your heart and makes a difference in the world.

This is your business model to live an abundant life.

Sanjay Mudnaney


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