When I turned 50 I recorded my first song in a. studio professionally , made a small video clip and put it up on YouTube . I used to love singing while in school but somewhere in the rush had forgotten about it.

I wanted to cycle so I picked up cycling and now cycle every weekend . I wanted to see the stars and so I picked up my first telescope last year. I had always wanted to publish a book , my book ‘Storytellers Secret’ is now available on Amazon. These might seem like small things but then I had pushed all these away to the future.

When we are children fairy tails seem real and we can dream. Then life happens we postpone our dreams to the future, we get real. Buying a home raising a family getting up the ladder is important.

One fine day we would come to know life has passed and we have not lived. Don’t die with your song in your heart. Do the crazy stuff, explore the world , spend time with those you love , give back , spend time with self . Before you know the journey may be over make it fun !

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